When it comes to boat and plane window tinting you have to be sure to employ the right people to carry out the work – the bottom line is you need experienced professionals. Unique Tinting are professional, experienced and well known across Sydney for excellence in window tinting. Unique Tinting has years of experience in delivering the highest quality window tinting for boats and planes.

Is window tinting right for your boat or plane?

Window Tinting for boats and planes is very popular in Australia. With people being more aware than ever that the sun's rays can have long lasting damage to the skin, it makes sense to tint your windows and protect yourself from these powerful rays.

Here's a breakdown on why you should consider Unique Tinting for your boat or plane:

Glare – Tinting will reduce glare by up to 80% from the sun and water. This reduction in glare makes using your watercraft or plane a lot safer - particularly in sunny conditions.

Fade Reduction – Tinting will reduce the amount of fading from the sun, by blocking 99% of UVA & UVB Light. The right film will also cut the sun's glare, and reduce excessive heat - keeping your interior and furnishings in pristine condition.

Privacy – Tinting provides increased privacy and security for yourself, occupants and possessions. Unique can also apply a one way film to your boat or plane for the ultimate in privacy.

Comfort – By blocking up to 80% of glare and 99.99% of UV radiation,  your boat or plane will be a lot more comfortable during the warmer months. During the winter, the low-e coating film acts as an insulator, keeping your boat and plane warmer during the cooler months.

Safety – With one way films we can protect your boat, plane and belongings. With people not been able to see in, they won’t see any valuables or know if the boat or plane is occupied. The film also helps to prevents “smash and grabs” and “opportunity  “thefts. The glass is also held together by the film, thus making the glass virtually shatter proof.

Aesthetics – With a vast array of films to choose from, we can get a unique look for your boat or plane. Any of our films will improve the appearance of your boat or plane by adding a touch of class or style.

Unique Window Tinting sells and applies films that are energy efficient and reduce both cooling and heating bills throughout the year, regardless of the season. Visit our Image Gallery for recent work or Contact Us today for an obligation free quote.