According to reports by the Federation of Environmental Trade Association, when temperatures reach 24 degrees Celsius workforce productivity falls by as much as 50% and accidents increase by 30%.

Unique Tinting can provide you with a safe, comfortable working environment by installing our non-maintenance window film. No matter what you, your project or client needs from an applied window film, Unique Tinting offers the best solution for the situation.  We provide a full design, supply and installation service and all our films come with a manufacturers warranty.

Do you have a problem with heat or glare in the office? Use one of our solar control window films to reduce the affects.

Can people see in through your windows? A reflective, opaque or frosted window film could be the answer.

Do you need to decorate your glass partitions? Glass manifestation and frosted or printed window graphics will do this for you.

Are you worried about your glass breaking? Safety or security window films can hold the glass in place.

Are your products fading in your shop window? We have a range of clear solar and UV window films to reduce the affects.

Unique Tinting is known across Sydney for excellence in office window tinting. Together with our exclusive range of fabric and leather protection products, Unique Tinting offers a one-stop shop for surface protection and management needs.

Unique Window Tinting sells and applies films that are energy efficient and reduce both cooling and heating bills throughout the year, regardless of the season. Contact Us today for an obligation free quote.