Originally developed for the Asian market, Fasara films offer the opportunity to experience a new path in privacy, glass design and light management. 3M Fasara is a trendy and cost effective alternative to glass etching.

3M Fasara Films are a cost effective and simple alternative to etched glass and sand blasted glass. Whether you're looking to create privacy, update a space with unique designs, obscure visibility or enhance brand identity through use of your company logo, 3M Fasara Films are the perfect solution.

Available in over 50 distinctive styles that can be applied on any smooth glass surface, Fasara Films provide the right solution for your unique space.  And, if you have your own logo, design or idea, we can apply that, too! The application is simple, clean, efficient and maintenance is easy.  If you want to change the design later, the film can be taken off without any damage to the glass surface.

Common Fasara applications include:

• Logo, marque and brand identity

• Seasonal and holiday designs for retail & store fronts

• Construction & utility disguise for buildings

• Privacy glass wall offices and glass office partitions

• Decorative film designs

• Etched glass and frosted glass designs

• Exclusive window film designs

• Frosted glass film for partition walls and conference rooms

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