Originally developed for the exterior panels of vehicles, Di-Noc provides a durable construction that withstands the elements of wear and tear inside and outside equally well. 3M Di-Noc is a trendy and cost effective alternative to traditional surface coating materials.

3M Di-Noc finishes are vinyl films that simulate a variety of natural and synthetic finishes, including wood, granite, marble, stucco, and just about anything else.

Designed for commercial applications, Di –Noc finishes in both design and frosted varieties give a plethora of options with the added benefit of considerable savings over expensive finish products.

Di-Noc finishes are the perfect substitute for, or compliment to, more expensive natural and synthetic finishes. With over 600 product variations, it is easy to match existing surfaces.

Professionally installed, these self-adhering films can be applied to virtually any flat or curved surface including walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, elevator cabs, automobiles and more!

Common Di-Noc applications include:

·       Interior walls

·       Office furniture resurfacing

·       Retail fixtures and display surfacing

·       Elevator areas and building lobbies

·       Specialty decorative design applications

·       Ships, boats, yachts

·       Exclusive logo and brand identity applications

·       Building facades (Exterior)