Is your lounge room or family room too hot to use in the summer? Are your expensive furniture, carpets and curtains fading? Is the sun's glare giving you a headache? Would you like to see who is at the door without them being able to see you?

Home window tinting is a true alternative to expensive blinds and shutters. Not only is window tinting maintenance free, you don't have to do anything - there's no opening or closing and unlike blinds or automated shutters, it's always working.

All Unique Tinting installations are backed by manufacturer and installation guarantee, which guarantees that the films will not crack, fade, peel or bubble for a period of 5 years. Further, every Unique Tinting installation provides the following fantastic benefits:

·      Blocks 99% UV Rays
·      Blocks up to 80% of heat
·      Blocks up to 70% of glare
·      Keeps 100% of your view
·      Creates privacy
·      Provides safety and security by holding glass together following an accident or break-in
·      Saves you money on expensive blinds
·      Lasts for years
·      Reduces fading to furniture, carpet, upholstery, wooden flooring, artwork etc
·      Reduces heat loss in winter

Our mobile service teams will visit you in your home will tint your windows for you while you wait. Our installers have years of experience and are trained in professional tinting standards and customer service excellence.  We offer expert consulting, affordable pricing, a lifetime transferable warranty, and customer satisfaction.

Unique Tinting has been in business for more than 15 years and during this time, has tinted thousands of luxury homes, family homes, executive homes, apartments, cottages and terraces. The preferred tinting supplier to many Sydney-siders, our service and skill is second to none. Visit our Virtual Tinting Gallery to see how your car will look with a Unique Tint or Contact Us today.