Ask any consumer what 5 things they would like to have in their car or home, and the answer is likely to include "leather upholstery" and “leather furniture.” Despite its popularity and durable reputation, when it comes to caring for leather goods, most car and homeowners are at a complete loss.

The care of your leather is not just about making it look nice but about extending the life of your leather goods and sustaining the look for the long term. Regardless of how much you spent on your leather product, conditioning and protection from dust, dirt, snow, rain and even sun always makes sense.

Keeping your leather product in wonderful condition will eliminate the need to buy replacements as often, so you'll be saving money just by investing a small amount of time and effort.  Leather can be virtually indestructible if treated properly. With a little bit of care and attention, your new leather will last well into vintage age and your leather will continue to have a long happy life.

Unique Tinting’s Leather Protection Series provides lasting protection against stains, fading and mildew.

The biggest Australian supplier of GTechniq Protection Products, the team at Unique Tinting are experts at prescribing solutions to minimise leather defects, remedy accidents or prevent stains and mildew from becoming permanent fixtures in your leather.

GTechniq Protection Products penetrate the leather, which provides an invisible protective coating. Application is simple, quick and safe on all fabrics and won’t change the colour or appearance of your interior.

This product penetrates the leather or fabric providing an invisible protective coating. It is a simple and quick application that is safe on all fabrics and won’t change the colour or appearance of your upholstery.