Unique Tinting has been tinting cars, homes, boats and planes for more than 15 years and in that time, has applied more than 10,000 kilometres of film to Australian surfaces.

With a stellar reputation and second-to-none policy on customer service, Unique Tinting provides customers with cost-effective solutions at affordable prices.

A full-service tinting company, our experienced, professional tinting team will come to you – anywhere, anytime. At no additional cost, our specialists will tint your car, house, office, boat or plane while you wait (or while you finish the shopping or take that much needed golf lesson).

Why use Unique Tinting? Whether you’re tinting your car, house, office, boat or plane, it’s vital that you select the correct film and the right team for the job. A Unique Tinting specialist is trained to assess more than a dozen different variables and to apply more than 60 different films.

Factors such as colour, visibility, security, light reduction and energy savings are critical to identifying the correct film and with an average of more than 10 years experience, the Unique Tinting team has the expertise to identify and apply the most suitable film to your surface.

Unique Tinting also provide the latest in paint, fabric, wheel and leather protection. With minimal disruption, our internationally acclaimed protection products provide a new lease of life to worn, faded or damaged surfaces including car wheels, car paint, furniture and upholstery.